Professional line
  • TECNA, since more than 40 years, a great trail of passion, technology and innovation.
  • A deep experience, oriented to the future, presenting now at Autopromotec Bologna 2015 a different, more efficient way to perform the RSW on the newest materials in the car body repair market.
  • TECNA recalls its past, its many worldwide successful welding units, originating from the clever application of the Italian innovating genius and the dedication of professionals, worthy scions from our country.
  • Equipment, always rich with revolutionary ideas, pushed to the edge of technology and performance, result of years of constant research and innovation.
  • Once more, based on the experience absorbed from its Industry machines,designed for series production, TECNA is proposing its new developments, dedicated to the world of car body repair.
  • Today we are ready to do even better, confident that our customers will further trust our welding systems and the quality and reliability we are proud to ensure.
  • Now in Bologna, in our region and among our people, we introduce 36EZ, an innovative, modular, automatic system for RSW dedicated to the car body repair workshops. Years of experience extending towards the future.
  • Very careful attention was dedicated to the design and ergonomy, keeping as always predominant the technical quality. We optimized the basic functionalities and the handling through simple and intuitive commands, maintained however flexible and complete.
  • css image galleryOnce again TECNA is leading in this market, with the sense of tradition and research deeply rooted in its dna.

    TECNA new design, new future

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