The TE1700C "WELD TESTER" is a portable instrument purposely designed for measuring the resistance welding parameters. By using different kind of probes, the same instrument enables to measure the welding current, the force at the electrodes, the voltage at the electrodes, the energy, the resistance and the thermal current. The analyzer can be set through the 5.7" color LCD touch screen, an indispensable high performing diagnostic tool which provides a graphical display of the waveforms of the selected signals.
Suitable for measuring current of AC, DC / MFDC and CDW machines.

  • Current measurements: RMS value, maximum positive peak and maximum negative peak.
  • Measure of the conduction angle in degrees for AC machines.
  • Measurement of the welding time in cycles with a 1/2 cycle resolution or in ms with a 0.1 ms resolution; maximum time of measurement 6 seconds.
  • Voltage measurements: RMS value, maximum positive peak and maximum negative peak.
  • Measurement of the delivered energy during the welding and of the electrical resistance value of the material.
  • Initial and final blanking function with programmable duration to mask the slopes of the welding current.
  • Management of the pulsations up to a maximum of 9.
  • Measurement of the welding force: it displays the maximum and minimum average force values at the beginning and at the end of the welding time.
  • Blanking function, it eliminates the measurement errors due to a high impact strength and allows its analysis.
  • Storage of measurements (30.000 max), statistical analysis and the details of the last 100 measurements available directly on the instrument.
  • Management of 16 different limit masks recallable trough external inputs, the result of the limit evaluation is available through an outward output (WELD MONITOR).
  • Limits on the measurement selectable among time, current, power and strength.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces for the instrument configuration and for the measurements visualization through smartphone/tablet or PC.
  • USB 2.0 output for memory stick use for storing data and waveforms (bitmap and csv formats).
  • Integrated clock to document each measurement with date and time of execution.
  • Integrated weld tables accessible through the touch screen display.
  • Wide range of measure transducers.
  • Automatic acknowledgment of the connected transducers.
  • Powered by rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries and supplied with the power set. Battery life of approximately 10 h depending on usage.
  • Firmware update via memory stick.
  • Carrying suitcase for instrument and accessories.

  • DCI0000002

    Resistance Welding 09-2017

    Saldatura a Resistenza 09-2017

    Soudage par Resistance 09-2017

    Widerstandsschweissung 09-2017

    Soldadura por Resistencia 09-2017


    (2.7 Mb)
  • DCI5300004

    Micro Welding Measurement Systems items 1638 - 1670 - 1671 05-2019

    Sistemi di Misura per Micro Saldatura Art. 1638 - 1670 - 1671 05-2019

    IT EN

    (1.4 Mb)
  • DCI5300001

    Test and Measurement Instrument Item TE1700C 11-2019

    Strumento di Misura e Controllo Art. TE1700C 11-2019

    Appareil de Mesure et Controle Art. TE1700C 11-2019

    Mess-Und Kontrollgerät Art. TE1700C 11-2019

    Intrumento de Medición y Control Art. TE1700C 11-2019


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  • DCI5300005

    Measurement Systems Item 1665 02-2020

    Sistemi di Misurazione Art. 1665 02-2020

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