Control unit TE550


The TE550 is a microprocessor-based welding control unit for resistance welders. The task of the welding control unit is to manage the welder components, in particular the controlled diodes that carry out the welding current adjustment.

The TE550 is a particularly versatile welding control unit as it may be adjusted to different types of welders; it may be installed not only on spot and projection welders but on seam welders too. Moreover, it may work with power adjustment: both in constant current and in constant energy (optional). The number of inlets and outlets may be increased so to better adjust the welding control unit to automatic machines. It is possible to store up to 250 different welding programs, 31 of which are recalled directly from an external device. Each program comprises several programmable parameters that describe the work cycle. In addition to the plain 4-stage welding cycle, the control unit allows the running of elding processes with pre-welding current, post-welding current, slope and pulses.

  • Simplified programming via 6 keys and a backlit alphanumeric LCD.
  • Synchronous control with controlled diodes, phase control current adjustment.
  • Storage of 250 welding programs, 31 recallable from the outside.
  • Up to 25 programmable parameters for each program.
  • Slope, pulses, pre-weld, post-weld functions and adjustment of the welding times in half-periods.
  • Display of the RMS welding current measurement in kA and relative angle of conduction.
  • 3 operating modes: standard, constant current and constant energy.
  • Welding current or angle of conduction limits.
  • Double stroke function
  • Stepper function to compensate the electrodes wear with programmable curve.
  • Single and automatic cycle.
  • WELD and NO-WELD function.
  • Adjustment of first insertion delay.
  • Control of 5 solenoid valves 24 VDC max. 5 W with self-protected output.
  • Self-adjustment at mains frequency 50/60 Hz.
  • Serial data transmission by means of optional insulated RS232 or RS485 ports.
  • Output for proportional solenoid valve.
  • Key for selecting foot control or two-hand control.
  • Selectable languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish or Portuguese.
  • Possibility of upgrading control unit Firmware via appropriate software.
  • CAN interface for future options.
  • Activation and control of the electrodes dressing (optional).
  • DCI0000002

    Resistance Welding 09-2017

    Saldatura a Resistenza 09-2017

    Soudage par Resistance 09-2017

    Widerstandsschweissung 09-2017

    Soldadura por Resistencia 09-2017


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