T-Spot 120 dual-function combined welder - Item 3541

T-Spot 120 dual-function combined welder - Item 3541


The T-Spot 120 welder is a machine for repairing steel car bodies. It integrates two different functions in just one generator: steel spotter and two sided spot welding of non-structural sheets.

gun8078cable8079Multifunction gun for sheet straightening, rivets welding and localised sheets heating with carbon electrode. A push-button remotely allows the programs' quick selection and a fine adjustment. The auto-start function allows to have the welding process automatically started when the punch gets in touch with the sheet.


cgun3697 Optional "C" type gun for double-side spot welding of non-structural sheets.


The EasyOne Sx2 microprocessor control unit allows a simple and quick adjustment of the machine through an LCD graphic display.


Besides the manual adjustment modes, it provides several optimized welding programs for carrying the most common jobs out enabling a simple fine adjustment with synergic curve.
The time adjustment in half-periods allows a more precise work.

The optimization of car body repair process implies the organization of your equipment in a handy and functional way.

For this reason, TECNA will flank the current 3462 trolley with a new model, the 3462-H.

This will enable the operator to take the spotter to work on a higher metal sheet surface.



Characteristics of 3462-H trolley:

  • three resting levels for instruments and accessories
  • suitable for all TECNA 3645 spotter models
  • easy and inexpensive shipping: the size of the box containing the disassembled kit is the same as that of 3462 trolley.
  • DCC0000001

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