Infrared heater - Item 3546


So far, in the automotive industry, the use of structural adhesives for fitting parts of various materials that make up the chassis and the body of a vehicle has led to long and hard removal interventions thus entailing risks of possible damages of other contiguous parts. However, the INFRARED HEATER 3546 makes the whole process EASY, FAST and CHEAP.

Through the heater 3546, today TECNA introduces an innovative removing process by means of infrared heating. It is a fast and clean process. It does not affect the parts in contact with the damaged part and it drastically reduces the time required to restore the vehicle.


TECNA has chosen to use the infrared radiation to ensure a safe process for the user’s health; no electromagnetic fields are generated, as in the case of traditional induction heaters.
In addition, the peculiar water-cooling of the tool allows using it comfortably even for prolonged periods without involving overheating issues. Unlike induction heating, the use of infrared radiation allows operating on any type of material:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Carbon fiber
  • Plastic

The heat generated by the infrared source 3546 is also used in the inverse process, meaning the bonding of the new part, thus allowing to greatly reduce the time of polymerization of the glue, and therefore the vehicle repair.



  • Automotive, bicycle and motorcycle industry;
  • Repair after-market area, body shops, damaged body shells and chassis, customizations;
  • Elaboration of racing cars;
  • Elaboration of recreational vehicles;
  • Parts and equipment made out of technopolymer and composite materials (Kevlar, carbon fiber, fiberglass);
  • Boating, wood, plastic and components industry involving joints glued on non-homogeneous materials (metals, alloys, glass, ceramics, technopolymer);
  • Aviation industry;
  • Sport items and pieces of equipment.

The touch control unit with color display of the 3546 allows the operator to perform a temperature-controlled heating by setting the temperature that the piece to be heated must reach as well as the power to be delivered during heating. In addition, it enables programming a heating curve for the polymerization of the glue in five steps, which can be framed into parameters such as: duration, temperature and heating power.

 3546 display

The 3546 is equipped with a USB interface for transferring files or upgrades, among which pre-set parameters for the different working modes, thus reducing setup times for the benefit of productivity.

The infrared heater 3546 relies on the focusing of the infrared radiation so as to realize a rapid and localized heating of the adhesive which glues the part to be removed thus enabling an easy and safe detachment.

The speed of the heating process also allows limiting the diffusion of the heat to other parts connected to that on which one is working thus preventing from altering glues and paints, which do not need to be affected by the repair process.

3546 application

The heating tool of the 3546 is provided with a no-contact temperature sensor, which allows modulating the power of the heating tool to keep the temperature constant.

Portable tools, liquid and air-cooled, having variable shapes and powers to suit specific operating requirements.





3546 lamp 1 3546 lamp 1 3546 lamp 2 3546 lamp 3
3546 lamp ir 1 3546 lamp ir 4 3546 lamp ir 2 3546 lamp ir 3

1.5 kW

 2.5 kW

4.8 kW

8 kW

Item 8680/IR/01 - Portable probe for the calibration of the heater on the surface to be treated.

8680 calibrator





 3546 operation before  3546 result before




 3546 operation now  3546 result now

Split glued layers with mechanical methods and with infrared heater 3546.


 3546 example 3a  3546 example 3b

 Split, in multiple layers, the glued upper element without affecting the sealing and the bonding entirety of the lower layers.



 3546 example 4a  3546 example 4b

Split glued layers of non-homogeneous materials, without damaging the single layers.


 3546 example 5

Remove moisture from the surfaces to be bonded with polyvinyl acetate adhesives.
Bring items made out of thermoplastic synthetic material to a plastic state in a localized way.
Along their production cycle, these items are meant to be shaped, bent, stretched and deformed permanently.


3546 example 6a
3546 example 6b

Speed up the drying or the polymerization process on parts glued with curing adhesives.


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