item 34653465 welder is a multifunction portable spotter, particularly suitable for repairing steel car bodies, sheet straightening, rivets welding and localised sheets heating with carbon electrode.
The “AUTOSTART” function can be enabled by the operator directly and simplifies the use of the portable spotter, as it allows having the welding process automatically started when the tool gets in touch with the sheet.
A built-in microprocessor control unit allows an easy and quick welder’s adjustment. Besides the manual regulation modalities, the machine is provided with 4 memories optimised for the most common works. Moreover, the welding machine offers the possibility of a fine adjustment with a synergic curve. The content of the memories can be customised directly by the user thus suiting one’s needs. The half-period regulation allows a more accurate job.


Item 3465 is also available in a kit Item 3465K wich includes:

- Item 3465: Multifunction portable spotter
- Item 7638: Percussion puller with reduced dimension sliding hammer
- Item 7696: Universal fast ground
- Item 7633: Kit of accessories and consumable material


Specifications subject to change without notice.