Single phase welders




  • Cylinder with chrome plated stem for heavy duty works and long life; adjustable anti-rotation device.
  • Lubrication free pneumatic components to eliminates oil mist and to protect the environment.
  • Double-stroke cylinder with key control.
  • Built-in compressed air filter unit.
  • Compressed air disconnecting device.
  • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode-holders and electrodes.
  • Transformer with epoxy resin coated windings.
  • Electrodes speed control valves, shock absorber for end of stroke and air discharge silencers assuring the minimum noise.
  • Two stage electric foot control for clamping and welding pieces only if correctly positioned.
  • Pre-setting for additional double stage electric foot connection for the direct recalling of welding program no.2.
  • TE550 costant current control unit.
  • Synchronous SCR contactor insulated from cooling water circuit with protection thermostat.
  • Standard on all models: two-hand safety control with timer assuring the best safety, and removable key selector. The two-hand control push-buttons are standard on projection models only (thay are available on request on spot welder models).
  • Emergency push-button to stop the machine immediately.

Specifications subject to change without notice.